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swusainc 2004-03-26 05:10

New Tune: short, uptempo light jazz

The name of the song is "New Day". It's a peppy percusson, piano, flute, acoustic bass uptempo light jazz piece. A bouncy, happy piece by any standards. You'll find it at my website below.

I've been away for a while and it looks like I have a lot of tunes to listen to (and I will be doing that).

This piece uses some of my new fancy-pants software stuff that I'm trying to get used to. In this particular case, Reason is doing all the percussion stuff using my old reliable Rhythm of Life CD loops and is being rewired into Sonar. The piano and flute are EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver and the acoustic bass is Trilogy. Prior to this piece, I did everything in Reason exclusively.

Hopefully, you fellas (and gals, if there are any) won't drum me out because I'm not a Reason purist anymore.


Truly, I'm a Reason purist at heart.

Just when I'm really getting comfortable with Reason, I go and start to learn something new. Somebody kick me.

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SJVMJD 2004-03-26 13:22

Re: New Tune: short, uptempo light jazz
Nice tune, Dave.

I especially love after the opening, when everything comes in. Probably one of the only songs posted here that's made me smile.

I like it a lot, the chord progression is great, I like it cause it's more complex than most of the progressions I do.

I think the only sound that I don't really like is the flute, but I haven't found a sampled flute sound yet that I do.

All in all, this is a great little tune.


swusainc 2004-03-26 15:00

Re: New Tune: short, uptempo light jazz

Glad you liked it. It's in the "happy song" category for sure.

The basic style is different from the other stuff I've done recently. Mostly I've done electronic/world/new age type stuff.

If you've posted anything recently, I'll find it and check it out in the next day or two.

Thanks for listening,

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SJVMJD 2004-03-26 17:33

Re: New Tune: short, uptempo light jazz
Yah, a couple posts down I have two new songs.

It'd be cool if you checked 'em out :p


Stompp 2004-03-27 13:33

Re: New Tune: short, uptempo light jazz
Okay, this is going to sound a little odd for feedback on an electronic piece, but it makes me think of my orchestral pieces. Why? Not because they have anything in common instrumentally, or compositionally, but because they'd sound so much better performed live. I think that if the flute part was played by a sax, and you had a live pianist and drummer and someone on a double-bass this would sound fantastic. The track itself has top quality production in terms of polish, but the sounds themselves are just to holow for me. The piano sounds too electronic (I have to confess I have only found one piano I've ever liked in the world of synthesised pianos. It's the same with the flute. It's live music... sequenced. I used to try to make realistic sounding scores, now I don't bother because I know they'll never sound as realistic through Reason as they would played by a live orchestra, so I stopped focusing on reality and started simply trying to emulate that texture. I think you have managed to pull of a very convincing texture with the track - my gripes are just with the individual instruments, and I know that there's not a huge amount you can do about that. So to put it simply - love the composition, think it would sound fantastic live, but am less keen on the instrument sounds themselves.

Oh, and as for the whole "Reason purist" thing, to be honest I doubt many people would care; if it improves your music then by all means go with it! :)


fpoole 2004-03-28 04:06

Hey! Don't ditch Reason yet!!! :(
I'll kick you.

No, I'm kidding. :) (With a twisted Dave Chappelle/Conan o'Brien sense of humor...)

Actually, this sounds nice, but you might want to consider using a sax or clarinet over a flute. You don't hear a lot of flutes in jazz.

Well, mix is clear, everything's in line, what more can I say?

Short, sweet, has a point.

(This is something I have problems with. No, I do not have ADD. I have a high IQ. I think I have too many insane friends who *do* have ADD. I had no idea it was contagious. Too many pranks in one week.... ;)



Dying for feedback:
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swusainc 2004-03-30 00:19

Re: New Tune: short, uptempo light jazz

As always, thanks for the listen. I'm in the process of listening and giving some feedback, so anything you posted recently I'll be giving a listen shortly.

Here is my theory on sampled sounds and loops.

On this particular song. I originally mocked it up in Reason because of a time issue. For $300, no one expects to get $5000 samples, so the quality of the piano, bass, flute trio was so-so. When I imported those parts over to Sonar and used the DXi and VST samples that I had available over there (what you heard) the improvement was huge. I truly believe that a version to fool everyone is attainable with (a) better samples and (b) more attention paid to the flute and bass articulations.

Just for funsies, I'd also argue that the percussion IS being played live, because it is! Granted, these are loops played by Miles Bould and Danny Cummings before my song was written, but who is to say that they would play anything different if I paid them to play on this tune? Who could really tell if they recorded it exactly at the time the song was played, a day or week later or years before hand if they played the exact thing?

Overall, my theory is that the shorter the loop, the more difficult it is to be realistic. If a "loop" consisted of the London Symphony Orchestra playing the entire 1812 Overture in perfect acoustical conditions when I pressed middle C, it would be hard to argue that it isn't "real". According to my theory, the 1812 Overture begins to sound less "real" as the song gets chopped up into more parts, more loops. Ultimately, it get down to loops being invidual notes and individual articulations being played on each instrument, so then the task of playing a realistic 1812 Overture on a keyboard become fairly difficult when having to deal with all the different notes and articulations on all the various instruments.

I wouldn't give up or get too down about doing realistic sounding instruments. In many cases, you have to give it a note-by-note treatment and that takes a lot more time and effort than working with the electronic stuff.

Catch you later,

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swusainc 2004-03-30 00:25

Re: Hey! Don't ditch Reason yet!!! :(
Fear not! I'm a Reason user for life!

Having ventured over to "the other side" I see a lot of things over there that I like (changing tempos in a song, changing time signaturesin a song and working with real notes on a staff!) but I also have a new appreciate for just how good - no - just how great Reason is. I could expound all day long on that but suffice to say you couldn't tear Reason out of my hands for anything.

Glad you gave 'er a listen. I'll give your new stuff a listen here shortly.

See ya,

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