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ersatzplanet 2004-05-02 18:25

Simple Matrix improvements and a new CV/gate module
I would love some simple changes to the Matrix. Many of these are on the classic analog sequencers that the Matrix is modeled on:

1) note (with dynamics) entry via MIDI keyboad - this would be much faster - much like one of the sequencers in the Nord modular.

2) Gate/Clock input - This is even more important to me. I used to run 3 modified Sequencial Systems Pro-One synths from the 3 gate outs of a Roland 808 drum machine. This would be just as easy with the gate outs of the ReDrum running a bunch of Matrixes. This allows very complex rhythm/note progressions that take long times to repeat (a 10 note line driven by a 8 beat clock line takes 80 notes to repeat). Changing the patterns on eaither the matrix or the redrum would change the output a ton.

3) a CV transpose input. This would allow a Matrix to transpose another Matrix.

4) a reset gate in/out - a gate in that makes the matrix jump to step one and a gate out that happens when it goes to step one. This would allow a slave Matrix to be transpose by the master Matrix at end of bars etc.

And a new module to create - A CV/Gate module that takes a Midi in from a particular channel and makes a mono (switchable low or high note priority) CV and a gate out to manually trigger events in Reason. If you add gate triggers to many of the modules (gate start/stop on redrums etc) this would be very useful. It could transpose the Matrix in realtime also.


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