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Pixar 2004-05-19 08:11

New track, but no name to give it. Suggestions appreciated.
I've recently finished a new track, but I'm having trouble naming it.

To give you some insight to how it sounds like:
- It's an ambient tune with no rhythm.
- The theme is improvised.
- Only two main instruments, E-bow solo "guitar", and a noise based Malstr

tranzman 2004-05-20 01:12

Re: New track, but no name to give it. Suggestions appreciated.
First of all I have to congratulate you on this incredible song. This is really great, I loved it. I agree with you, it does remind me of something related to the artic. As I listened to the song I immediatley pictured images of barren cold plains of snow, with giant mountains and blizzards, and only a few faded figures moving in the background. I think this song would work really well in a documentary, or as the intro song to a movie. I think you should call it something like Absolute zero or Artic wanderlust.
Strifer (aka Tranzman)

Pixar 2004-05-29 03:36

Well, I've given it a lot of thought and thanks to you, I've settled with the name "Arctic Wanderer" witch I think suit the mood of the track quite well.

I'm very satisfied with the track, but I think I'll replace the current background noise (recorded from my computer) and replace it with wind noise, or perhaps some other sound from the arctic nature.
I'll see if I can get some good recordings to try out in the mix.

I'm grateful for you kind feedback and I'm glad you liked it. This song will actually be used in a slide show my father will make sometime in the near future. My father lives and works at Spitsbergen and he has a passion for photography. I've asked him to take various photos of the vast barren plains and mountains. Needless to say, I'm exited to see how it all works out when it's done :)

Arctic Wanderer

ninjadog 2004-05-29 09:13

hey joachim
very moving track, as with all your work it is something we can all learn from.
the name suites it well too, i was totally picturing a desolate coastal artic setting, but as the song went on i had images of sunshine melting off huge chunks of iceburgs n stuff, with whales swimming by in the distance...its a very peacefull song.
keep up the good work bro

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