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kero 2004-06-04 10:08

small thing (concerning 'copy pattern to track')

ok.. straight to the point:
if you wanna copy a pattern to a sequencer track (e.g. from a redrum) and you haven't selected the correct track before, you get an error message (which is good.. heh). you get two options: either abort or copy it anyways.

i think it would be cool to have a third option: "copy to correct track instead!"

would save some time in a lot of cases. heh

well.. just a thought :)

.george blunt


gmstudio99 2004-06-04 15:19

Good one! (N/T)
I said "N/T" !!!!


djen 2004-06-04 19:01

only problem is...
The only issue with this would be "which track is correct?" Devices can all have several tracks associated with them at the same time. So which track is the correct one if there are 5 tracks associated with your drum machine?

kero 2004-06-05 11:24

Re: only problem is...

hmm.. good point.
didn't think of it cause i usually don't have more than one track for one machine...

hmm.. perhaps a list in the contextmenu.. you know, like right mouse button - copy pattern to track - all tracks for this device listed - click!
like a new context menu popping up when hovering on 'copy pattern to track'..

you could have 'active track' as well to really put it on the actual track, if this was planned.

well.. just my first thought.. perhaps something better comes to my mind later.


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