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DjAefect 2004-06-14 19:16

Starting out: creation
Hey reason users!

I've used reason for about 2-3 months now, and know all the synths and stuff pretty well now and can work everything out ok except one thing- starting out. I'd Just like any advice I can get about how to start songs, and everyones opinions on the best way to start a song- both getting the ideas to create it, and how the song itself should actually start.(I have very little musical aptitude, but enjoy making music nontheless).

Anyway, any tips or advice would be apreciated. If you'd like to hear my music and make some comments on, that would be appreciated as well. I can't post, as i'm not registered yet, but I can send you the rps file.

-Neal aka Dj Aefect

Bukk50 2004-06-15 06:59

Re: Starting out: creation
I feel it depends on what style you are trying for. I can help out if you want. Send me some .rps files if you want more advice. I start a song out usually with the lead or backup playin first then bring in other stuff to make it build. This is not always the case it really depends on the feeling you are looking for. I have stuff that starts gradually then shifts to hard and punchy. But I have also done the opposite. So I still say it depends on what sound you are shooting for.

Bukk50 a.k.a Kemic Hal At Sounclick

omarhashim 2004-06-15 11:31

Re: Starting out: creation
I find most of time nowadays that I'm not able to start with the music right away. So I start with Reason and spend days creating drum kits, patches, and sounds ... this way I get inspiration as I go ... following whatever vibe I'm feeling ... tweaking & making sure each kit/sound that I'm developing go well with each other ... wood-shedding.

At the same time I start building my rack in Reason ... discovering new ways to form the logical signal-flow chain ... inserting effects & modules here and here ... labeling all modules & side-chains the appropriate name I wish to see in the mixers' strips ... tweaking each module for that right blend ... mess about with knobs I have no idea about ... experimenting with LFO and CV stuff ... fixing all the levels in the mixer(s), etc. .

While I'm doing all this stuff, the idea of sound and music composition starts to develop more and more. Then I start creating empty sequencer tracks, or re-organizing the tracks that were automatically created, and start sequencing the most powerful part of the *idea* (be it a sound, note, chord, drums, sfx, or what have you) and build the track around it.

As I'm making the music, I also keep on tweaking the racks to check for balances of everything. Many times I get to change the rewire-paths and muck about with the CV's, all because I was suddenly sparked with a modulation idea that might help in shaping the sound for motion (that otherwise might be too difficult to sequence or pencil as midi events).

While all this is happening, my track is taking shape.
I particularly like to group the events as blocks in the sequencer window. I find it easier to see blocks than tiny vertical lines all over place. Moving blocks around here and there ... making the arrangements tighter and tighter.

One thing I try to do throughout the entire session is keeping everything clean -- super clean -- file management. Before I even start, I make a folder and save my Reason session and all other patches, samples, and kits in there. Even in the sequencer window, I make two tracks for each instrument: one for the note/music/velocity events, and the second for automation of that instrument's parameters (filters, knobs, etc.).

I have lots more to share, but I hope so far what i've said helps. It's just my way of doing things. Again as some others had mentioned above, it depends really all on your mood, inspiration, spark, and the direction you find most *convenient*. Just try to keep your sessions clean, so that you're able to go back as many steps as you wish and redoing or changing things without messing up everything else.

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