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robbneu 2004-06-29 17:20

Another new track -- comments appreciated
Here's the latest. I can't quite churn them out like some of you guys, but I'm trying to keep up. :)

I think this song's biggest failing might be that it sounds too much like my previous track. Maybe I'm working through something. Also, it feels a bit "simple." Not necessarily repetative, but fairly simplistic. That may or may not be a bad thing.

I've got another new one that I think is better, but it still needs some work before it's ready to be shared.

As before, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. I got some really great feedback last time and it was very helpful. More of the same, if any of you can spare the time, would be terrific! Be honest... I think I can take it! :)


Untitled - June 26, 2004

BigT 2004-06-29 18:08

Hey Robb!!

I loved the last tune, so this should be fun...
I can see what you mean about sounding 'similar' i think it's the pad thats doing that, although i like the way it almost sounds 'vinyl'.
Again, i think you need to do some playing about with your drums IMO. Break up the repetition as the basic structure of them is great!! :)
The synthlines are cool as!
All frequencies covered here, i think i get scared of higher frequency synths yanno, don't wont them blowing tweeters or eardrums!! LOL!
A bit more riff progression wouldn't go amiss, but i'm liking your style.
Keep in this vein, your on to a winner!!


Smashed Toy Noise...

robbneu 2004-06-29 19:06

Hey, Big T!
Geez... it didn't take you long to post comments! Thanks!

I completely agree with you about the pad being most responsible for making this song and my last one sound similar. It's funny... with the May 15th song, I used a Subtractor and the "Moody" patch to build the pad (with a Unison, a Reverb, a Scream, another Reverb, and some EQ) and then with this new one, I just used a french horn sample from the sound bank and ran it through a EQ, Unison, and Scream unit. Still, coming at the pad noise from completely different directions, I managed to essentially create the same sound all over again. Must be stuck in my brain or something.

I also agree with you regarding needing some varied patterns with the drums. I had a really tough time with this one... once I got the pattern I wanted for the bulk of the song, I couldn't seem to come up with any variations that still seemed to fit. It definitely needs some work, though. It's good to have my suspicions reinforced.

Out of curiosity, when you say that it could use some more "riff progression," did you have any specific part in mind? Or, just in general?

I really appreciate your thoughts, Big T. Thanks for listening. I see that you have some new stuff posted. I'll try to give it more than just a passing listen later today and then get some comments posted.

Take care,


Stompp 2004-06-29 19:06

Re: Another new track -- comments appreciated

I absolutely love the bass - good use of subtle delay on it. The drums, well, I agree with BigT, but you don't necessarily need to program more rhythms. Insert a few effects after the ReDrum or Rex or NNXT or whatever device you've used for the drums, and then automate the effects to by bypassed for some parts of the track and activated for the others. Can work wonders. Other than that: love the pads, although they do make me think of your last track a lot, and personally I like the high synths: good riff work. Nice vocal snippet too. Enjoyed it. :)

robbneu 2004-06-29 20:09

Thanks for the reply, Stompp...
Hey, Stompp... thanks for listening and taking the time to comment.

I'll play around with inserting some effects into the drums to mix things up a little. I actually hadn't even thought of doing that, so it's a good idea. Do you have any specific recommendations? My first thought is putting in a Scream or modifying the Reverb, but I'm probably overlooking something else that's really obvious to anyone else but me.

It's amazing what a little reverb can do to a sound. I'm afraid I'm getting addicted to using the RV7000, much to my poor, ancient processor's horror.

Anyway... thanks for the positive comments. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. :D


Stompp 2004-06-29 20:22

Experiment and see really: what you use depends on what kind of feel you want. I'd suggest some flange work here, but you'll need to play around with it a lot to get it spot on. Glad to help. :)

fpoole 2004-07-14 16:02 Odyssey-esque.
Didn't know what to expect, but I see you've got some breaks for us, Robb. The mixing sounds nice, but the bass stabs seem like you tried to destroy the top end. Try fixing that with EQ.

And here we go with the Total Eclipse synths again. If I didn't know better, I would swear you were Stefen Holweck. And how do I know you aren't? (Well, the EQ thing kinda gives it away, but that's about the only difference :P )

You know, that bit of sampling reminds me of Juno Reactor's "," which Stef Holweck also worked on. You, my friend, are going to make me paranoid. ?! Anyway, you've got a great track which will be filed away with all my other Total Eclipse stuff.

Now, Messieurs Holweck, Souque, and Van Pouque, when will you be providing us with titles?

Great track.


(Guess what I just finished? ;)
Fahrenheit 451 - Storms Series

robbneu 2004-07-14 17:52

Re: Odyssey-esque.

Hey, thanks for the kind comments. I'm not entirely sure I deserve them, but I sure appreciate them, nonetheless.

I'll need to track down some additional Total Eclipse stuff. The only CD I was able to find was "Access Denied," which is really good, but I don't see the resemblance a whole lot. Maybe one or two songs, but I suspect a different disc would cause your comments to make a little more sense to me. Of course, if I *was* one of these guys from Total Eclipse, I suspect I'd be able to create a new track in less than a month. :)

Thanks for the EQ tip. I'll be revisiting this one very soon and using the feedback I got from you, Stompp, and Big T. So, I appreciate it.

Zipping over to check out your new tracks... expect comments soon!


fpoole 2004-07-14 18:03

Look for "Delta Aquarids." [n/t]

robbneu 2004-07-16 16:17

I'll keep my eyes open for it... thanks! (n/t)

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