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WienerDog 2004-07-07 03:02

Real Orchestra Sounds
I am looking for a refill with REAL REAL orchestra sounds.

I have the Strings CD by Propellerhead, however, the violins were still not very life like.

I'm wondering if there are some really decent refills out there for Orchestra, covering every instrument? The Default Reason Orkester soundbank isn't that great.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


djeric 2004-07-07 03:16

Re: Real Orchestra Sounds
Try edirol orchestra(vst instrument)

WienerDog 2004-07-07 04:25

Re: Real Orchestra Sounds
Is this for Reason Software as a refill?

I've seen the Vienna something, but it's way beyond my budget line.

I have Cubase and Reason. How can I get this Edirol ORchestra?

djeric 2004-07-07 05:03

Re: Real Orchestra Sounds
It's a vst instrument, I believe Vienna should be better, but the violin in edirol is good.

duncjam 2004-07-07 14:11

Re: Real Orchestra Sounds
Try Creative Essentials for Reason.

The String Textures and Orchestral Flavours sounds in that collection are surprisingly very good, especially considering the price.

Another tip, sampled string sounds are often waaaaay too harsh when played high, which is what makes a lot of them sound unnatural. A Scream 4 on the Tape algorithm, with low compression and the Speed parameter turned down to about 90 (adjust to taste though) can do a lot to bring unnatural sounding strings into line.

hope that helps


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