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Stompp 2004-08-11 19:58

Music forum suggestion, need opinions.
old thread

BigT 2004-08-11 20:02

Good idea.
I'm in for that.
Can't be arsed with these posters, that i'm pretty sure, are talking to themselves.

Count me in.

Smashed Toy Noise...

EditEd4TV 2004-08-11 20:33

Re: Music forum suggestion, need opinions.
I'm completely in for that. In fact, I say close up the feature suggestions forum as well to registered users only. Why would anyone that didn't have experience in using the software want to make suggestions? Leave the general forum for the general masses, trolls included. Leave everything else Registered Users Only.

:With regards to the irritating spam and trolling that's been filling the music forum lately, I think it would be worth asking the Props to make the music forum like the Propellerhead User Forum, whereby the "forum is open for anyone with an account to read, but in order to post you need to own (and register) at least one of our programs."
:I'd be tempted to e-mail the Props to ask for this, but I think one little voice on its own isn't going to get their attention. I'd like to know if anyone else in this great little community thinks this is worth it, then I could link the Props to this thread and show them that us users want the feedback forum to be a place for music makers and not for trolls. It would mean we wouldn't have to worry about spammers overflowing from the general forum and coming over here.
:So what do you all think? Good or bad idea?
EditEd4TV at SoundClick

adfielding 2004-08-11 21:32

Re: Music forum suggestion, need opinions.
Yes. I was thinking a similar thing yesterday, and while it might seem unfair to those who aren't registered I think that the spamming is getting a little out of hand, and I'd hate to see the music board go down the pan because I love this place.

And if you aren't registered then... tough!

robbneu 2004-08-11 21:32

Re: Music forum suggestion, need opinions.
You know, I'm not so convinced we should limit the music forum only to registered users. Of all of the forums here, the music forum seems to be the most positive and most open to the expression of ideas. It's also the one that seems least overrun by nonsense posts and baiting insults. So, why make it harder to post to it just to stop the occasional troll?

Granted, it's an easy position to shoot holes in. Are there any posters who aren't using the software that stop by from time to time just to offer critiques for those of us who *do* use Reason/Rebirth/Recycle? Very unlikely. I realize that.

I guess the bottom line, at least for me, is that it's pretty easy to spot the trolls and avoid them. I would rather have to occasionally filter out the morons than restrict someone who has something meaningful to contribute, from posting.

Plus, the music forum is a great place for people considering the software to see how it can be used and what people are creating with it. Why not leave it open to possible, future peers, as another piece of the "demo" experience?


invic 2004-08-11 21:58

Re: Music forum suggestion, need opinions.
I personally agree that all forums but General should require registration to post (but not to view). But to solve the problem of unregistered users who have constructive ideas to add, a PM system could do the trick. Trolls aren't apt to PM people to get their jollies, and if they do, you can stick 'em on your ignore list. :D

That is all.

Mad Rabbit on Third Helix

Stompp 2004-08-11 22:29

Re: Music forum suggestion, need opinions.
old thread

BigT 2004-08-11 22:52

Theres always one smart arse! ;D

Good points there mate and i'd probably have to agree with ya. I'd rather promote the software than close it off to just registered people. I think my problem is the trolls get on my t*ts and sometimes i can't keep my fingers from tapping....
I guess it just comes down to ignoring them/not feeding them and let the Prop's mods clear it up [i didn't mean that as in 'well, it's their job' just they have the ability to do that (state the obvious, T!) ;D ]
Lets see where this goes...


robbneu 2004-08-11 23:22

Re: Music forum suggestion, need opinions.
I share your concern. There does seem to be an awful lot of posts designed for the sole purpose of causing strife lately, which is too bad. The Props forum has been a refreshing safe haven from that stuff for a long time, but I'm willing to ignore a few posts if it means getting the chance to interact with so many talented people and maybe benefit from their ideas and wisdom.

I guess it depends on how people evaluate the capabilities of the program. I just purchased Reason straight away, without trying a demo, so I can't speak from my own experience. Do people that are checking Reason out stop by the music forum? If so, I think it would be a shame to close it off to people not using registered software.


robbneu 2004-08-11 23:29

Oh, I've been called worse, BigT. :D
I'm not trying to be contrary just for the sake of disagreeing with everyone. If that were the case, I'd be one of the people you all want to banish from the forum. :) I just think that sometimes what seems like a solution might not be the best way to handle a problem.

My initial response to Stompp's post was, "Heck, yeah! Let's kick those annoying jerks out of MY forum!" but it's not that simple. And, it's not my forum. As I keep saying, if I need to overlook nonsense posts so that someone just starting out gets the information or experience he needs, I'm all for it.

Signing off as resident "smart arse,"

Robb :)

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