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bedrock22 2004-09-04 21:15

Japanese Instruments...
Are there any japanese instruments (such as the koto or any taiko) buried in the Factory Soundback or the Orkester Soundbank? Does anyone know of any good refills (free or otherwise) that contain a healthy sampling of traditional japanese or oriental instruments?

Thanks for the advice!


Meffy 2004-09-05 13:39

Re: Japanese Instruments...
I have no specifics, but:

Koto, shakuhachi, shamisen, and I think taiko (daiko) are in the General MIDI spec, so you should be able to find those easily in soundfonts and the like. If you have Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas, it's got a wider variety of Japanese and other Asian instruments; not exactly top quality but it's cheap. :-)


abraxis 2004-09-05 15:37

it would be WAY cool if the props would release...
a world music library...

that would be great!

all kinds of really great percussion and instruments from around the world!
just sign the damn guestbook already! =)

Moshang 2004-09-06 04:46

Re: Japanese Instruments...
Hey, Chris!

Check out the sample CD's by Discovery Sound (Japan). Especially OKINAWAN TRADITION, SHAMISEN, SPIRITS FROM AINU...

These are not refills, but you could always repack them yourself.
I have "The Legend of China" and it's brilliant!
ambient Chinese

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