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cyberco 2004-10-16 21:45

NNXT: load multiple samples = assign to different keys

In NN-XT, how do I load multiple samples and autom. assign each sample to a different key? If I load multiple samples at once using the refill browser each sample has a zone that spans multiple keys. The result is that one key plays multiple samples. That's not what I want :)


djen 2004-10-17 11:29

If you read the manual you'd be able to figure that out. If you're pirating the software then you might just be out of luck. Buy Reason and reap the benefits.

Gilboe 2004-10-17 20:17

I hate the standard, RUDE, RTFM reply...

Perhaps why he didn't find this, is because, sorry, you can't do it.

If the notes are pitched, you can do an auto map, but this won't work for drum sounds. You have to load them in, it will assign them all to the same key(s) and then you have to sort it all out.

I can understand why he is asking, because I tore my hair out for a long time, positive that they would have made it easy to bring in a bunch of drum sounds.

Michael Gilboe

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