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djnizzy 2004-11-12 17:34

How do I add lyrics to my reason 2.5?
I have made quite a few songs in reason, and I would like to add lyrics to them... so far I have had to record in windows soundrecorder, and played it in with NN19... poor quality sound and a lot of background noise. Is it possible to add lyrics in a different way? Any other way is probably better...

tormod 2004-11-12 18:51

Re: How do I add lyrics to my reason 2.5?
There are many ways.
Many people hook up Reason to other programs through the ReWire protocol, which means you have to get a ReWire compatible DAW (digital audio workstation) just to get your song in there.

Your approach is a low-tech version of the one I use. In stead of the windows sound recorder, try downloading Audacity at, which is free and quite advanced (for the price). Record like you do now, and use the tools in Audition to make your recording sound better. You can remove background noise by doing a better job at setting up your microphone, and you can use the Noise Removal tool in Audacity to help you clean up your recording. Learning that is your job :)

And putting your recording in the NN-19 isn't such a bad idea.
I'd cut up the song in smaller pieces, that makes it easier to work with them in Reason.

Good luck.

ps Buy the software if you use it. You'll feel better. :)

MIDISwede 2004-11-14 17:16

Re: How do I add lyrics to my reason 2.5?
Try Audacity for creating your NN-19, NN-XT, and Redrum samples. It's free! Considering it price, it's a rather flexible audio recorder/editor.


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