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drestivo 2004-12-17 00:41

Change in sequencer color scheme!
I?m submitting the following request for a change in Reason and would welcome both the forum?s and the Props? thoughts on it. I?ve searched the boards but came up empty on this one, so maybe it's just me.

Here it is: That red on blue color scheme in the sequencer window has always been somewhat irritating to my eyes and very hard to focus on after a while. As such, I?d personally like to see the color scheme for the sequencer?s piano roll window change to a more ?eye friendly? one. Yellow or light grey against the blue background would be pretty good, or red on a light grey background. Better yet, maybe provide several different schemes that could be selected from, like Ableton offers for their ?Live? product.

On a related note, I?ve read that the red on blue combination (among others) is not the best for those afflicted with colorblindness. I?m not colorblind, nor am I an expert on the subject, so please feel free to set me straight on that if you are.


drestivo 2004-12-17 01:06

Punctuation errata
Sorry, all those question marks were intended to be either apostrophes or double quotes. I typed the post in Word 2003 and then copy/pasted it into the message box, which doesn't appear to translate correctly.


CUBRICON 2004-12-21 23:46

Color Options are Important... what about Mods?
A new color scheme is an excelent idea. It would also be nice if things were a bit more 'smooth' a.k.a. anti-aliased.

Can we have user selected colors for groups?

Another area where it would be nice to choose colors is in the synths. It's so frustrating to try and find the right Malstrom whe I have 4 or more and I'm in a hurry (which means that I didn't give the device a proper name).

Once this is implemented, could we have access to the graphics like in ReBirth so users can make their own modifications?

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