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doinky 2005-03-08 08:44

Sonic Data Volume 1 Refill Demonstration - New Tune
I once posted a reply to someone asking what our best refills were.

Here is a tune I just created with the Sonic Data Volume 1 refill from:

I love this refill for it's industrial touch and decided to demonstrate it's power with this new tune

Drums were not part of the refill. The tune is called Anger From Within.
Go here to play Anger from Within

Stompp 2005-03-09 19:29

Re: Sonic Data Volume 1 Refill Demonstration - New Tune
Hey Doinky, been a while.

This really is a huge progression for you since I heard your stuff last - I think the refill really works with your style. The arrangement is great, the actual composition very solid, but mixing wise I worry that the bass end is a bit overpowering at times. The rhythm is absolutely fantastic - very strong aspect of the track. So overall fine stuff, probably the best I've heard from you so far. :)

doinky 2005-03-10 02:35

Very glad to hear you liked it Stompp
Darn you probably listened to it in my low quality format. Anyways,...

Perhaps your review is just what I need. You know me better then most here so you have a better idea of how I am doing. Honestly, I am not consistently this good, but I'll admit it's a work in progress.

Your past reviews about using effects more, like the scream and reverb device have sunk into my head. So much so, that I've learned to harness filtering, multiple reverb channels, and multiple delays a lot more these days.

But you also nailed my weak point in this tune. It's something I'm not happy with. The base is cluttered (thanks for the verification). I still see I need to work on that. I obviously have not tackled the clashing frequencies way down in the bottom end yet. I really want this fixed.

Thanks Stompp. Cheers! :)

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