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amasseng 2005-03-13 23:27

First House track on Soundclick need some critiques
What's up y'all,
I just finished my first house track that is anywhere near descent. I have been attempting to make house and trance music for a while now but I have been having trouble figuring out the layering of the sounds and actually getting those wonderful sounding synths that I want, namely in trance.
Anyway I just finished Intergalactic Rocket Ship, and it came out in my ear much better than previous attempts, the only one I have built up enough confidence in to post here. I normally make dark downtempo type music but like I said, been attempting these uptempo type dance beats for a little bit.
Basically, I need some critiques. I'm not so sure about the pad I chose in the second breakdown, I was just trying by this point to fill up the empty air, and second it seems like it needs some sort of synth overlay like appregio or some type of lead to give the song that extra something.
But anyway let me know what you think could make it better and if you hate let me know, cause that helps to.
Cue Right Music

amasseng 2005-03-13 23:30

End of the song was cut
By the way I forgot to say that Soundclick cut off the end of the song so there is a little bit missing if you wondering why the ending is so strange.

chowlett 2005-03-15 00:23

Re: Intergalactic Rocket Ship - Very Good!
I am writing while listening so this is live analysis.

Nice bass-line, sound quality is good. Oh Yes! The sub-bass rocks!!! and I like the phaser effect. The balance is very good and there is a nice flow to the track. The chords are quite unusual which makes the track even more interesting.

They only real fault with this track is that the theme tends to be similar throughout, but the quality is certainly good. I wouldn?t mind hearing it at full belt!!!

My rating: **** - Very Good!

Dance FX 21

Ps. I am still listening - its growing on me!

chowlett 2005-03-15 00:28

Re: Intergalactic Rocket Ship - Very Good! (n/t)

amasseng 2005-03-15 03:03

Re: Intergalactic Rocket Ship - Very Good!
Thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I agree with the fact that there is a sameness throughout the track and that is where I was wondering if there might need to be a lead synth over the top, but if I come up with one later I will add it in.
Until then

P.S. Sorry the track is cut short by Soundclick.
Cue Right Music

Stompp 2005-03-15 20:53

Re: First House track on Soundclick need some critiques
The percussion in this is great; seeing as how house music is geared towards driving rhythms and beats I think you really have it sussed here. Arrangement-wise I thought it worked well, and as far as the composition aspect goes it's good - nice complex rhythms, good riffs etc... I'd say if it needed tweaking in any area then production could do with a boost. The mix is crystal clear and well balanced, but the lows to my ears need a boost. With the bass for example, I'd EQ it up a bit around 60hz, just bringing out those subs. The bass drum could be a little more bassy too, so maybe a bit extra around the 60hz mark for that could be useful. Don't go blowing up your monitors with too much low end though, I'd say it just needs a tad more, not excessive amounts if that makes sense. So overall good stuff in my view, keep it coming! :)

amasseng 2005-03-16 02:15

Re: First House track on Soundclick need some critiques
Preciate it,
Thanks for the review and being specific on what I might need to work on and yeah it you make sense about turning that bass up just a little bit.
I guess since I have gotten two good reviews on this track I probabaly start trying to work more on some house orienated songs.

Cue Right

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