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tallgood 2005-04-25 10:17

Manual control of song pointer in external sync
Bear with me as this is an odd one...

I use a analogue style sequencer for creating a lot of my synth loops. This one is the new P3 from Sequentix but I guess the Doepfer MAQ, and any drum machine would do the same.

When I hit stop Reason does what its told and stops. When I hit RUN on the P3 Reason goes right back to the beginning of the whole song and starts from there. When I hit CONTINUE it starts from where it stops. This is to be expected as Reason responds to both RUN [from start] and CONTINUE midi-clock messages.

But I what I want is to be able to manually move the song pointer in Reason so that when I hit CONTINUE it starts from where I tell it to. For example at the start of the loop point which isn't at position 0:0:0.

The problem is that in EXT SYNC mode Reason will not allow permanent movement of the song pointer. Now I understand this sort of manual pointer relocation would be disastrous if the clock master was a tape deck with MTC or other non re-wired DAW. But would be very advantageous if one didn't have to to go back to the beginning when your master is a simple analogue sequencer or drum machine.


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