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abhirolls 2005-06-04 10:00

routing midi from reason to play VST ??
is it possible to play VSTs in cubase sx
by routing midi from reason
i mean using sequencer track(if i havnt assigned any instrument to it)or any other way u guys know....
so that i can program my midi in reason
or use the matrix to do the midi sequence
and play my VSTs in cubase.

what is the way out???
i earlier use to use rewire for playing vst in cubase sx but in that setup i had to play midi in cubase itself

i know its also possible to use cubase to route MIDI to Reason ; so that i can play reason devices from cubase
i am just asking the opposite of this
(routing midi from reason so that i can play vst)

i know reason 3 rocks !!!!!!!!!
but i want to use my new reaktor 4
synths and kontakt 2 to add as vst
to get sounds which r not possible
in reason a ah.....

i find programming midi in reason alot simpler and flexible than cubase..

plz help me out !!!!!!!

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