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saxon 2005-06-25 01:03

dark futuristic techno, any tips/comments on new tune please
this track has been an on going progect for many months and i think i might have the end result, its a dark techno track playing at 100bpm's with lots of sub bass and backing sound fx and some well known samples(im thinking of mixing them out) i was inspired by some old sci fi films, blade runner darkworld matrix etc. i hope this comes across in the track, i would very much like some feedback as you all know feedback helps you look at your own tunes from a different angle.
saxon trax

MIDISwede 2005-06-25 02:40

Excellent track saxon!
If you're remiximg it, don't change too much. It is very good as it is. Yes, I think your inspiration shows through nicely.


Rob :)

saxon 2005-06-25 03:00

Re: Excellent track saxon!
cheers mate
i must admitt, after playing your latest track i felt like doing something a little darker so i dug up some of my old data disks.
my mate said your track is the scariest thing he has ever heard its give him some ideas for a music vid he's working on.
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Iron 2005-06-25 03:03

Re: dark futuristic techno, any tips/comments on new tune please
You sold me on old sci-fi flicks... I'll check out the song immediately:)

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MIDISwede 2005-06-25 03:05

Hey, thanks again saxon... :D
There is a remix coming that is about a minute longer and also a version with "vocals". I won't hijack your thread with details. Catch you later...

Rob :)

Iron 2005-06-25 03:13

Re: dark futuristic techno, any tips/comments on new tune please

I am listening to it as I write this message. It's #ucking awesome!!! This is definitely dark, but I like that kind of music. The builds are gradual and methodical. The sounds are dark clear and sustained. I wish you would put this track in the archive so the newbie's like me could learn a thing or two.

It reminds me of an artist I like, but eludes me right now. I would definitely be enjoying this track around 5:00 A.M on a very irresponsible evening ;)

Keep up the good work!


PS - - don't change a thing on this track

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saxon 2005-06-25 03:24

Re: dark futuristic techno, any tips/comments on new tune please
ill try the archive but i must warn you im a messy worker. lol
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chowlett 2005-06-27 00:25

Virus.o1 - Very Good

This is Live Analysis!

It?s the first review I did for a while, so here goes!

First Listen:

Robotic voices and pitch modulation make a cool start to the track. The saw synth with the delay/reverb effect gives a nice spatial feel and the percussion kick-in sounds good! The low growling sound adds good depth to the mix and it sounds very clean. I like the filter effect in the section around 3:00 and the bass Rocks! The filtered synth at around 4:15 reminds me of the sound track to the alien attack game: Incoming - and the lower version of it is even more like Incoming. I bet you have that game because towards the end, its even more similar.

Second Listen:

Now that downloading is complete, I can listen to the song without interruption this time. The style of pitch modulation at the start sounds like a sine LFO and a gradual downward ramp fused together - I like it man!

Third Listen and after:

The sound balance is spot on and the overall output is extremely clean. The only complaint I have is that the track needs more punch to the percussion particularly on the high end. It would add so much more uplift - but with that said, the bass has certainly no shortage of punch! I?d love my tracks to be as clean as yours but hopefully, I?ll get there eventually. By the way, the ending is perfect and the track might make a good addition to the *Wipe-out* soundtrack album.

Good work mate!

My Rating: **** - Very good!


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d1g1talhc 2005-07-16 04:23

Re: dark futuristic techno, any tips/comments on new tune please
Hey just had a listen to both the tracks you have posted on soundclick.

Very Very Nice.

The quality of your production is brilliant.
shalako@ soundclick

marshal 2005-07-17 21:28

Re: dark futuristic techno, any tips/comments on new tune please
What a killer track! Very smooth and the layering is some of the best I have heard on the site in a while! Great job, my props to you.



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