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lazerwolf 2005-07-08 22:29

time display / clock display and velocity changes
hey am i missing something or is there no time display in reason , to know how many mintues or seconds your piece is? also , in the velocity area , if you have to things on the smame vertical line , ie: a kick and a crash , is there a way to change the velocity of both seperately? as it seems now you cant , they well both be turned to the same

Corsica_S 2005-07-09 00:16

Re: time display / clock display and velocity changes
You can look at the time when you browse to open a song. Not exactly what most people want, but there. To edit velocity of one note that is overlapped with others, do this:
1. Select the note you want to adust.
2. Click the pencil tool.
3. Press and hold the shift key.
4. Adust the velocity (still holding the shift key).
Good luck.
Corsica_S Refill A

flotzilla 2005-07-09 02:57

Alternative vel adjustment
You can also open up the 'change events' window, then select the note in the sequencer window you wish to change.

It's on p29 in manual.

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