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Muzak 2005-07-11 18:43

Any MIDI Yoke NT users out there...PLEASE HELP!
Hi! I am trying to sync FruityLoops 3.5.6 with Reason 2.5 as well as other standalone software sequencers such as Cubase SL 2. I downloaded and installed the MIDI Yoke NT driver as I have Windows XP Home Edition. Upon reading through the FruityLoops 3.5.6 help file I came across a section that stated that you can sync FruityLoops 3.5.6 with other MIDI sequencers by using a virtual MIDI cable software, such as MIDI Yoke. Unfortunately I am still struggling to implement MIDI Yoke to sync FruityLoops 3.5.6 and Reason 2.5. I'm pretty sure syncing is just a matter of installing the MIDI Yoke NT driver which I already did and then selecting MIDI Yoke NT somewhere on the MIDI settings areas of these two programs. Unfortunately I am a newbie to MIDI Yoke and am much more adjusted to using ReWire, which I often use to sync Cubase SL 2 and Reason 2.5. MIDI Yoke seems to confuse me; particularly with routing! So my question is, how do I go about routing MIDI between Reason 2.5 and FruityLoops 3.5.6? Hopefully there is someone out there familiar with the steps needed in order to do this. I'd hate to sit here and reinvent the wheel! Routing MIDI in FruityLoops 3.5.6 seems to be done through the Options MIDI Menu which can be quickly accessed by pressing F10. Here there are three pop-ups where you route MIDI; Remote control input, Master sync output, and Output port mapping where you can also set a Port number (something I am not familiar with and have never used before). As for Reason 2.5, routing MIDI is done through the Advanced MIDI page under Edit Preferences. On this page you can set External Control, Remote Control and MIDI Clock Sync. When I checked under these pop-ups sure enough I could find all eight ports for MIDI Yoke NT. I've narrowed things down to the fact that the Remote Control input pop-ups in Reason 2.5 and FruityLoops 3.5.6 are not used for connecting two different sequencing applications as I am fully aware that this is strictly for MIDI keyboard and faderbox input routing. Supposedly to use MIDI Yoke properly the first application needs to open MIDI Yoke 1 as an output port, and the 2nd application needs to open MIDI Yoke 1 as an input port. MIDI data will thus travel from the first application to the second. I've tried everything and I just can't get the applications to sync. I really am anxious to do this as I love the sound of Reason's synths and FruityLoops 3.5.6 as well, which has some pretty darn good effects that could go hand and hand with Reason! My second question is; once I do manage to sync Reason 2.5 and FruityLoops 3.5.6. how will the two programs react? I'm assuming of course that tempo will be synced and transport functions such as start and stop will occur in unison, but what about looping functions? Also, most importantly I assume that I will be able to hear the output of FruityLoops 3.5.6 when I am using Reason 2.5 and the output of Reason 2.5 when I am using FruityLoops 3.5.6. Hopefully I've been as clear and concise as possible up until now. Thanks in advance for your replies!

P.S.- I also posted this message in the Phead User Forum under the subject header "Syncing FruityLoops 3.5.6 with Reason 2.5 using MIDI Yoke NT". Unfortunately nobody in that forum seems to be interested in my topic really. Plus when I searched the General Forum I found more relevant search results regarding MIDI Yoke NT. Alot of the threads discussed MIDI Yoke NT as well as MIDI-OX. As of now I do not have MIDI-OX but if this utility is necessary in order to sync FruityLoops 3.5.6 with Reason 2.5 than I will be sure to check it out!

Meffy 2005-07-12 00:39

Re: SWardle has an answer for you in the Phead User Forum
I can't help you -- don't use MIDI Yoke -- but SWardle came through. Head over to the PUF and check it out. :-) Good luck!


osiris263 2008-10-25 19:39

A question about MIDI Yoke...once I installed it, how do i uninstall it properly?

sceyefeye 2008-10-29 07:43

Ok I can't help you with MIDI Yolk per se, couldn't get it working for me. But do yourself a favour and download (first item midi clock)

Since you would no doubt be running a rewire setup, sync the output of midi clock on one of the mapel ports to the DAW tempo, this will of course set Reason's temp too.

Unfortunately the site for midi clock seems to have disappeared as they had a dual output version too (syncing multiple apps)

What will happen with this set up, is you hit start/play on the clock and the apps linked to it will play. Downside is if you stop and start you go back to the begining of the track. But it does work

If you need dual clock send me a message and I will post both versions for you.

As for unistalling MIDI Yolk, um, yeah, try add remove hardware, strangely enough I suspect that this is seen by windows as a hardware device, but not promising anything

ChrisIhao 2009-12-01 00:54

I like this one. Works like a charm for me, and does 64 bits too.

PS: OP, put in some spaces. Its hard to read :)

eric 2009-12-01 01:08


Originally Posted by ChrisIhao (Post 676306)
PS: OP, put in some spaces. Its hard to read :)

Yeah, it's almost like alien text, which I like.. :)

petegwatson 2009-12-01 01:33

Hi there is some related information about syncing DAW's with record/reason in this thread


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