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flotzilla 2005-07-31 02:50

Some super-sweet Matrix enhancements
How about a 'triggered' mode for the Matrix? That, coupled with a gate input, would give you triggerable control over the Matrix. For instance, you could toss one into a Combi and whenever a note is played the Matrix will start from the beginning of the selected pattern regardless of beat position. Once the note was released, the Matrix would reset to beginning of patter. There could also a 'continue' function so that the pattern would pick up where it left off after previous note release. It would also be cool to have a 'loop' mode that would loop the pattern until the note was released, then start back at the beginning of the pattern on the next note start event.

I'd also like a 'chain mode'. So that patterns could be chained together. Let's say you endable chain mode on pattern A3, the Matrix would play through A3, then immediately switch to A4 and play it. You could even chain all 32 patterns.

These pretty much require a Matrix PartII, but how about a note in CV and a Combi-esque programmer. This would allow you to assign patterns to note values. You program one arp for the C1 note and two more arp's for F1 and G1. Or a different arp/pattern for every note for 2 1/3 octaves.

A randomize function in the programmer would be cool. When activated it would randomly pick from a user defined range of patterns when the appropriate note is played. You could program in 4 different patterns/arp's for the C#2 note and the Matrix PtII would randomly pick one of them to play whenever you hit C#2.

Some sort of portamento control would be extra nifty. It would affect the curve CV values as well as note values. That way you could have smooth, sliding type transitions in CV events as well as note changes.

dioxide 2005-07-31 12:54

Re: Some super-sweet Matrix enhancements
Yeah chain mode would be good as would the ability to assign patterns to keys. I like the idea of this being built into the combi somehow - as a phrase sequencer.

djen 2005-08-01 10:30

I like the trigger idea
It'd be cool to be able to trigger from CV. That would make for some interesting one-shot combi patches.

flotzilla 2005-08-01 13:23

Triggering in Combi is nothing...
How about 10 different Matrix'es setup with different patterns and triggered with Redrum.

Think about THAT insanity!!

reincarnationfish 2005-08-09 20:51

Re: Some super-sweet Matrix enhancements
How about a 'triggered' mode for the Matrix

This is an excellent idea. I really really hoped that when the combinator was announced it would have let you do this. but it can't

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