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bliss000 2005-09-08 01:22

Street - Progressive Electronic
This ones a remix of Second Thought's track "Street". Not sure if it's finished. I don't know if the square lead part fits.
Street - Tyrol Mix

BigT 2005-09-08 10:35

Re: Street - Progressive Electronic
Hey Bliss,

'Street' Has a bizarre intro, sounds really springy...
Nice organ/bass melodies here, the mix seems quite heavy on the right for the first 1:40 or so, done on purpose? Sounds much better after that though... this track is cool, really mellow feel to it, your pads and choice of sounds are lush.... :D
Oooo, that square lead does fit, reminds me of another track, can't remember what band it is though... maybe Air, not to sure... BUT, get some FX's on it, maybe a touch of 'verb and delay? sounds a little dry, just a thought, see what else gets said, eh? XD
To sum up that track... spongy, bouncy and springy... but damn cool with it, the middle section was fu*kin' great!


[You got a link to the original to compare it to?]
Smashed Toy....

doinky 2005-09-09 04:12

Re: Street - Progressive Electronic
The track didn't catch me at first but then I continued to listen and I gotta say I love the wacky, wirly, wonky attitude of your tune. I love it! I'm thinking c64 again.

Cheers bliss! :)

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