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Visheshl 2005-09-10 07:30

copy pattern section to track
i program the pattern section of redrum or matrix for the entire track

but now i want to edit a few bars here n there, shift a couple of notes, i cant

the work around being i copy only those bars onto the track and do it while disabling the pattern section for those bars.

so i feel there should be a way to convert the whole programmed pattern section to notes on the tracks.
just like copy pattern to track,there should be copy pattern section to track.

some things u need to adjust manually,and cant be done with automation (if they can be done,its not feasible to do them that way)
....for eg,i need to increase velocity of that one kick in the whole track.

so its better to have everything copied to tracks.

so pheads "copy pattern section to track" would be a very important tool please implement it,itll make life easier for a lot of ppl

Visheshl 2005-09-10 07:39

very important
now i first make all the patterns,then copy them 1 by 1 to the track and then edit them,
and i dont automate only cuz after that,icant edit everything..

and automation is much better when recording pattern changes than copying each pattern to the specific bars.

i want to be able to copy the entire sequenced pattern section to track so i can edit it.
will save a lot of time

as of now its either this(manual sequencing) or that(pattern automation),
i have to choose which route i take, and then cant turn back
but i want to combine both methods together

MikeGenius 2005-09-11 20:34

Re: copy pattern section to track
Why Don't You Do All Your Programing In The Redrum PTN. Then Set Your Control Curface Too Triger Each PTN. As Needed Hit Me Back At

Visheshl 2005-09-13 12:00

need to copy all patterns to track
u missed the point,
1st i program the whole patterns,
bar 1-4 pattern1,5-21 pattern 2 n soo on.

then i need to copy all the patterns to the track in the same order which i programmed.

once on the track i can disable the pattern section,then edit the notes or drums accordingly.

right now i have to choose,either i choose to program the patterns,then i cant edit them,say if im using pattern 1 throughout,and want only 1 barr to have an extra snare,i have to copy to pattern 8(for eg)
and automate.

i have to "copy pattern to trak" all the time,and i cant automate.
but what i want is to edit what ive automated.
(the notes,not automation curves)

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