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SidMercutio 2005-11-11 02:05

Too Much Crap in the Scene
No offence but...some people should really take the time to perfect a beat before pluggin it on the site. Especially since there's no way of knowing by review if the track is alright. All that time downloading it and the 1st 2 seconds is enought to tell you that it's crap....We are all dedicated to the's's beautiful let's not taint it with loads of "WORK IN PROGRESS" type of beats...if it ain't done yet..don't load it up. Quite simple really. oh and i'd also like to say (since it's going to happen anyway), to anyone who wants to reply back with an insult or any other blah blah blah comment..thanks a lot. All i'm doin is passing an advice and not taking a hit at anyone..Thanks...ciao. ..Dj SiD

chowlett 2005-11-11 23:25

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OK, I take it that you are not a troll and that you are just expressing your opinion.

Now, in my view, you seem to have a total misunderstanding towards what this forum is about. This forum is about artists learning from and helping each other, it is not strictly a showcase or presale promotion exercise - in short, the forum is not exclusively meant for perfect tracks. Otherwise, how in the name of God are we supposed to learn and therefore develop. The only alternative is through expensive training/coaching etc. I find that practical experience and discussion is a very powerful option instead.

Also, I believe that music is not something created and perfected overnight, and there is no way of knowing how good a track is until you get reviews from other people. On top of that, it?s very easy to get stuck on a track and frequently, advice is the best way to move on. Finally, I don't think music is something which you just get right like building a brick wall, I think music comes naturally and improves as the artist's style develops over a considerable time.

I hope the above explains the thinking here. Also, no offence to you mate, but if you are making a general comment, you should do more research into the objectives regarding any forum. Otherwise, people will not take you seriously - I?m only saying this for your own good!

Cheers mate!

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CUBRICON 2005-11-12 00:07

Re: Too Much Crap in the Scene
In general, I think people should do their best to upload music that they have put some effort into. People should also put links to their work and make it easy for others to listen to their work. If it is a work in progress, say so. If you need help, ask for it. If it is a finished piece, make it your best.

If someone else doesn't like your music, or gives you a suggestion, take it for what it is, consider the input and make your own decision. Be greatful for the input, even if it destroys whatever pre-conceived notions you had about your work.

Don't be afraid to upload your best work because someone else might think it is crap but PLEASE, don't upload a song that you yourself think is crap, what's the point of that?

gracieoc 2005-11-12 01:37

From crap we shall see greatness....
Why would anyone post a song thinking it was bad? I agree with Dance FX 21. Some of my first posts I now would deem to be crap but at the time, I thought they were pretty good. There were some very kind people on this board who gave me some great feedback, good and negative (the negative is actually more helpful but not quite as fun) that helped steer me to making better music. I'm still working at it but thanks to this community, I believe I've gotten better. I kind of like getting suprised by what I'm going to hear. There's always something I like about nearly every song. I think it's been said before, but you don't have to listen to the music if you don't like it. (Most people here use SC so you don't even have to download.) It doesn't take a genius to say "your song is crappy", but a good musician will take the time to listen and give good advice, like "the drums sound a little heavy or the balance is off".

My 2 cents
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CUBRICON 2005-11-12 02:21

Re: From crap we shall see greatness....
You have a good point, I guess I was just imagining the hypothetical situation of somebody purposely posting stupid songs. The thought actually makes me laugh.

Anyway, somebody once told me that music, like any artform, is highly subjective. For example, I really like House Music but I think that (not all, but most) Country Music is crap. My sister on the other hand, doesn't really like House but loves Country and thinks that it is an amazing genre. Who is right???

I myself am no expert at using Reason and thus far, people have been pretty positive in their criticism of my work. I hope I am the same to others whenever I get a chance to listen.

SidMercutio 2005-11-12 06:05

Re: Too Much Crap in the Scene
Thanks guys for replying to this. I guess i did come kinda strong but..on the note about people posting crap songs and not KNOWING that the song is crap, ..yes!! it is very very possible....i have heard tracks and asked sent e-mails to sertain individuals in the them it was was 1 and i mean one..simple bland keys...and what nought..can't remember the rest (had to tear my eyes from the corruption). I'm happy you guys shared your views on this little topic. Nice to know the community is up and runnig. This is my frist post by the way...wait a my on....!! n

tonbo0422 2005-11-12 06:38

Re: Too Much Crap in the Scene
Sorry for darting in from nowhere--I'm a bit of an old Reason user but I've never posted here. Just a thought though, after making music for twenty-five-plus years: It's important to finish something. Otherwise it just nags at you, and everyone else. No one likes to hear " . . and I imagine a sax here . . ." well, just go and get the sax. I know, sometimes it's impossible, and we're stuck with the song that would "only be perfect if it had the sax".

Well, right now I'm making a song that I would dearly love to have a sax on, but I don't think I can. I mean, I'll just never find someone who's going to giveup their time to play on my song. So now what? Leave the song unfinished and always play it as "Well, I'm waiting for a sax player for this part!" or, do it the best you can, finish it any way you can and then get it out there?

Experience has shown that the latter is always the best course. Like a meal, you don't want to be saying that this or that exotic ingredient is missing (and therefore that's why it tastes bad.) You should try to prepare the entire dish and hope they won't notice the ingredients you wanted to put in but didn't. Nine times out of ten, they won't notice--unless you told them to.

Hope that helps.

tonbo0422 2005-11-12 06:49

Re: Too Much Crap in the Scene
Umm, sorry, the point in my last effort may have gotten lost. I agree with the original poster. Finish the song to the best of your ability, then put it up. Even crap should have a beginning, a middle, and an ending.

Just ask Madonna.

CUBRICON 2005-11-12 16:37

That's hillarious... but true... N/T

SidMercutio 2005-11-13 11:42

Re: Too Much Crap in the Scene that's a way to make a point..with a bit of true life experience turned to humour..haha..? ..huh?

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