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Speedway 2005-12-10 15:11

some more browser and file menu enhancements...
hello reason junkies! :)

/enhancements for the file menu:

-open and close option;
[open a new song and automatically close the active song]

-revert to saved version;

-flexible recent file list;
[ability to choose the number of files stored in the recent file list,
or maybe the option that the recent files are automatically
stored in one of the favorite folders]

/enhancements for the browser:
(...i really love the new file browser and use all the new possibilitys,
but some more improovements couldn't hurt)

-please make the new browser aviable in the save dialogue;

-search filters, maybe an advanced search dialogue(for songs);
[search for a specific date/date range, maybe also search for length...]

-extendet show selection menu(for patches);
[if you are in the browser of the substractor for example,
you should be able to not only select 'all instruments'
or the device you are working on(now the subtractor),
if you only want to replace it with a specific device, it would be nice to have the malstroem, drRex, nnxt, nn19 and the combinator aviable as single or multi selection(with checkboxes for example)]

best regards,

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