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dghrael 2006-01-08 02:13

Best Midi Controller for Reason 3.0

Im fairly new to reason and I currently have a M-Audio Ozone midi controller. I am looking to purchase a new midi controller and I wanted to know what was the BEST midi controller on the market to use with Reason 3.0. I was told to get the Korg Kontrol 49. I like the looks of it because it has drum pads as well as keys, sliders, and rotary dials.

Any feedback would be helpful on thoughts of the BEST midi controller for Reason 3.0. Whats everyone using out there?

mrtn 2006-01-08 10:24

Re: Best Midi Controller for Reason 3.0
Korg Kontrol 49 without a doubt ... ! No setting up, no trouble, no nothing. Reason " sees " the 49 when present and Propellerhead Remote technology does the rest for you.

I myself think the pads could be better but that would only give it a 9 out of 10.


clip 2006-01-10 18:30

Re: Best Midi Controller for Reason 3.0
the kontrol 49 is great but i like would choose the nm-audio keystation pro 88 over it. more knobs and faders which gives you complete control over any device in reason. scroll up and down through sounds with the press of a button, switch devices with the press of a button, you can also mute and solo tracks. transport controls, velocity control, snapshots, and more it's a great controller i have one i and would never get a triton motif or any other controller for that matter. oh i also forgot the mention the weighted keys and this all for $500. you can't beat that with a stick.

mrtn 2006-01-10 19:16

Re: Best Midi Controller for Reason 3.0
Weighted keys is one thing I don't want for my synthesizer but that's just me hating big cloinky keys. They belong on a Steinway or Boesendorfer but please not on a synth.

I could have bought that M-Audio one but the Korg rules ... !

A matter of taste ofcourse not quality,


clip 2006-01-10 21:35

Re: Best Midi Controller for Reason 3.0
i hear but i feel weight keys are alot better in my opinon plus since i've gotten them my keyboard playing has gotten better for some reason and im far from a great player. but if you compare features of the kontrol 49 and keystation pro 88 you will see that kp88 wins hands down the only feature the would be a good on the kp88 would be the 16 pads but i feel those pads are too little for me but still a great feature for the k49.

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