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firepulp 2006-01-31 11:03

REASON 3.0.4 problems.....
i am getting " MEDIA PROBLEM " constantly with REASON 3.0 when i try to load reason songs and combinator patches.... this error is very random in its occurence

I get the error when i load some REASON 2.5 songs, mostly on .rps files and few reason 3.0 demo songs ,reason 3 .rps songs from download section of this website, few combinator patches....

so i upgraded to REASON 3.0.4 ....but my problems remain the same..

ERROR BOX reads...

'The problem has occured beacause of a media related problem'

i cannot work with reason 3.04 also...
i even can't load my own compositions of reason 2.5 --.rns , .rps files

what should i do
plz help ....

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