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pdadda 2006-02-11 03:48

Switching between instruments
Let me start by saying that I am a new Reason user, and I think it is an amazing program. For most of my audio recording, I use Tracktion, but I found it's MIDI limitations hindering my musical progress. So I started looking for a program that would nicely complement it. So I got Reason Adapted (M-audio express to be exact). I know it is limited compared to the full version, but it is already amazing. I plan up upgrading when I have the $$$.
Anyway, I am trying to get Reason/Tracktion into a good setup for fast switching at gigs. Is there a way (MIDI mapping or key hit) to switch my MIDI keyboard from controlling say Subtractor to NN-19 without having to use the mouse? For my setup, I run an M-audio Keystation 49e into a BCR2000 into a MOTU 828mkii into my laptop.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

WillYum 2006-02-11 16:44

Re: Switching between instruments
Yes, I have a BCF-2000 and a ReMOTE25, We use Reason 3.0 and both controllers are recognized by Reason and have dedicated buttons for switching between devices as well as switching patches within a device. Although you can switch devices from the controller it does not select that track for recording. Also this feature is NOT available prior to 3.0.

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