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svenf 2006-02-18 00:20

Extremely slow patch browsing in Reason 3.0.4 using rewire
Dearest fellow-composers. It's been quite some time that I am looking for a proper answer the following question:

When using Reason in Cubase LE (rewire-mode), I notice extremely slow patch browsing when I have created about 5 devices or more. Using the Task Manager, I see it's not Reason but Cubase that's eating away ALL of my processing power when Reason is loading a new patch.
If I open the same rack in Reason, but without opening Cubase (i.e. not rewired), patch browsing is as smooth as a baby. Not only with 5 devices but with many more as well (long live the Propellerhead team !!!)

Using Reason as a rewired rack causes patch browsing to take up to a minute or two (!!!), whereas patch browsing in Reason as a standalone rack never takes more than a second. That's a factor 60 !!!

Does anyone know what I should do to resolve this issue?

I don't seem to find the answer on Steinberg's forum, although I'm afraid this is really a Cubase LE issue. Could this problem be solved using a commercialised (aka. frequently updated) version of Cubase (Cubase LE is only provided as a bonus with hardware-sales and updates are not available)

Any help is welcome !!!


(FYI: I'm working with a 3.5 GHz Atlon processor and 2Gbytes of RAM, ASUS motherboard A8V Deluxe, Tascam FW-1804)

svenf 2006-06-18 18:39

Re: Extremely slow patch browsing in Reason 3.0.4 using rewire
To all who may bring deliverance:

Following my previous post, I have now switched from the free Cubase LE to Cubase SL3. I can say that I'm extremely pleased with this daunting piece of software and do not regret having payed dearly for it, except for one important issue. The switch to Cubase SL3 did not solve my ReWire problem. I have installed all latest updates, both from Cubase as from Reason, including a special update by Propellerhead (ReWire 1.7) which increases ReWire performance, but without any improvement.

To summarise: the sample-loading still takes much more time in ReWire mode than when working directly under Reason. When loading heavy samples (such as Combinator patches), Cubase continues to use up all my CPU's processing capacity.

Please, someone help me, I'm desperate!!


tormod 2006-06-18 20:45

Upgrade your rewire
The new rewire will make you very happy.
Get it here.

svenf 2006-06-19 21:00

Re: Upgrade your rewire
Hi Tormod,

First of all: thanks for your reply. I had already tried running the ReWire 1.7 update for Windows previously. All it did was mention that it was successfully installed, without any noticeable difference inside Reason. I'm wondering if there's any way of checking within Reason whether it recognises the update. I ran the ReWire 1.7 update a second time after having de-installed Reason completely, and it gave me the same "successfully installed" message as well. After installing Reason again, I can't really be sure whether Reason actually recognises the update. In any case, it didn't change the slow sample-loading...

My quest continues...


tormod 2006-06-19 23:26

It cut down my sample loading time very much indeed.
I can't remember the exact numbers now, but I think it was something like a full all-mics RDK kit would take three or four minutes to load, now it's less than 30 seconds. Substantial improvenemt, in other words, and I notice it with a smile every time I load a kit.

I don't think there's a much better way to find out if it's new than looking at the date stamp of the rewire.dll file in your windows/system32 folder.

svenf 2006-06-20 07:28

Re: Really?
The date of the rewire.dll file shows the date I installed Reason last time (18/06), not the date I ran the ReWire update the last time (20/06). Looks to me like somehow the rewire-update doesn't affect my Reason installation. Might this be because I have Reason installed on another partition then my OS? Or do I need to run the update file within a certain folder?

Here's how I did it:
1. de-installed Reason
2. ran the ReWire upgrade as a test (strangely, this gave no error messsage but a successful installation)
2. re-installed Reason 3.0.4
3. ran the ReWire upgrade

tormod 2006-06-20 10:56

Re: Really?
Do a full system search for "rewire.dll" and make sure you don't have duplicates. Mine lives in the Windows/system32 folder, but I didn't follow the regular installation procedure anyway...
Make sure you only have one rewire.dll, and that it's from this spring. You will love the result of this, because the much lower loading time is soooo nice...

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