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sporkles 2006-06-12 11:45

Just a tiny little keyboard shortcut...
One shortcut I miss in the sequencer is the possibility of pressing a keyboard key with the arrow or pen tool selected which, while the key is held, switches to the hand tool. It's so much more intuitive than clicking the hand symbol first. When I want to use the hand tool, it's usually on a whim, and I want things to happen fast. (Besides, I'm used to this feature from graphics apps... =)

Okay, now someone please tell me that this feature already exists! =)


pixelDog 2006-06-25 09:15

Re: Key shortcut for the hand tool
Hey Spork,
At last, another human who knows about the infinte usefulness and practicality of the ever-losing-its-attention HAND TOOL.
Cubase on a mac completely got rid of it UGGHHH!!!!!
Logic (mac) changed their hand tool to a stupid impossible autoscroll thing (jerks).

The Hand is used more often than any other tool (2nd to the Select). And its function is one that lends itself most to a 'quick-key' because it's used on the fly.

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