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Anomecron 2006-07-18 05:34

ReGrain + Maelstrom Update + SynDrum + FM
1.Regrain - is to Maelstrom what Rcycle is to Dr.Rex and the NN19/NNXT Samplers.
A 3rd party application for the design and creation of 3rd party custom graintable oscillators for Propellerheads Maelstrom Synth.
This is pretty self explicable but the ability to create 3rd party custom Maelstrom Oscillators would IMHO be a godesend.

2.Update the Maelstrom to allow you too import these 3rd party Graintable oscillators into Maelstrom.

We could also create and have a shared library of Maelstrom Oscillator based refills in an online user library for the benefit of the the wider Reason community.

3.Syndrum - a synthetic drum machine ala MicroTonic with built in step sequencer style control like ReDrum and also CV/Gate inputs for further control with Matrix sequencers. This unit could have audio input also for FM/AM and Ringmod of audio input against Percussion synth voices and/or the option of audio ins for easier rythmic noise gate effects also.

4.FM - an FM synth with at least 4 operators that was/is relatively easy to use with the option of Audio Input to use the output of any other device as an operator or modulator within the Fm algorythm chain.

Would open up HUGE sound design potential ontop of what is already there (and there is alot of potential there already with the Combinator IMHO).

Still would be nice additions none the less.

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