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Igorvertus 2006-09-14 16:52

Media Problem
I just got a message:
"Media Problem - The operation could not be completed of a media related problem"

I did a search on the site and google. Found some answers, but not 100% solutions for this problem.

My track was saved with self containment settings on. I changed nothing. There were duplicate refill locations.
I made 1 single copy of all refills, deleted the duplicates and pasted them in the reason program file folder and did the same with samples I used in the track (even tho I had self containment on). Before this I tried opening the song from different locations on different harddrives. No luck.

I restarted a couple of times, played with sample rates from my m-audio delta card, got the 3.04 update, I reinstalled (copy/paste) the Orchestra and Factory sound bank from the cd into the program file Reason directory and nothing worked.

hope someone can help my out, or at least know of this problem and make a fix, this happened quit alot from what I can see when searching for "Media Problem".

Igorvertus 2006-10-26 11:28

Re: Media Problem

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