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cdnnomad 2006-11-23 21:00

Reason and intel macs

I'm having a hard time finding information concerning earlier versions of Reason and intel macs. I'd like to know if it's compatible or not?
Seems to be a simple enough question, but I can't find any straight forward answers.
So, can Reason 2.5 (full or adapted) work on Intel based macs?

2006-11-23 22:17

Re: Reason and intel macs
everything will work on the intelmac. only thing is if its not writting as a Universal Binary.. (intelformat) it will be run under Rosseta in osx, which will slow down everything a bit.
dont know if its still workable.

epic41 2006-12-03 07:56

Re: Reason and intel macs
: i had the same questions, i just got a new intel imac and i have 2.5. reason works fine as a standalone but i also work with protools and the rewire function of protools (7.1.1) does not recognize reason 2.5. another forum said you need reason 3.05 to have rewire work. sucks for me

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