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EditEd4TV 2006-11-26 12:49

Two Combinator ideas
Well, this is not exactly for just the Combinator, but I'm thinking of problems I encounter when playing live... I would love a way to auto-scroll to the active Combinator, perhaps scroll it to the very top of the rack so you can see the unit you're controlling when you switch MIDI sending channels. That would be helpful because sometimes I forget what each knob and button does and if I'm busy playing with both hands, I can't reach up and move my trackpad to the proper rack location in a long rack of devices to see the active Combinator. This can be a selectable option in the "Options" menu, directly under "Follow Song", it can read "Follow MIDI Channel".

Another thing I wish the Combinator had was a "transpose" or "zone shift" feature in the programmer section. When I zone different devices to one large Combi patch, I sometimes want the proper octave in that zone. As it is now, say I place 3 NN-XT's into a Combi with the first assigned to a lower set of 3 octaves, the next to octaves 4 through 6, and the last NN-XT to octaves 7 through 9... if I play the first zone, my NN-XT is not in the proper workable range so I have to open the remote editor and shift those zones around within the NN-XT. Same drill with the top NN-XT. I wish the Combinator had something where you could simply shift what range you were accessing, so that even though you may be playing in the C5 to C7 range, you're *sending* C3 to C5. Put it right across the bottom: shorten "Receive Notes" to "Rec. Notes", and "Velocity Range" to "Vel. Range", and remove the "Vel" from the Lo and Hi, we already know it's for velocity (note the Key Range doesn't repeat the word "key"). Now you have room to add "Shift" along with "Oct" and "Semi", where each can have positive or negative values. To remain compatible with current patches, the Oct and Semi settings would stay at 0 and 0.

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tommosler 2006-11-26 13:43

And Third idea :) - Combinator inside a Combinator
Cool ideas!!!

I think Combinator inside a Combinator would be good too.

Cheers :)

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