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pabh 2007-02-17 07:40

Thoughts on the Editor
Just a few thoughts for the editor.

1) Keyboard shortcuts for the zoom tool, making it much easier to zoom in and out of the track without having to reach for the mouse. As there are two axes to zoom on (hor & vert) perhaps two modifier keys, one for each axis.

2) Multi-tool. Take all the current tools and combine them into one single tool, with key-press combinations to select individual tools.

3) When muting a track, other than the track you are working on, don't jump to the muted track.

4) Transparency settings for the current lane of the editor allowing other (selectable) channels to be seen behind it. This so that it becomes much easier to work across several instruments and have a simple visual guide for where the rest of the notes are.
Notes could appear grayed out so as not to confuse them with the track you are working on.

5) Pattern Manipulation / Group note commands. Possibly as an extension to the Change Events window.
Flip/Mirror command that flips the notes around either the horizontal axis, or the vertical axis.

6) Bezier Curve / Pen Tool. To aid with the drawing of curved lines in the editor window.

7) Sub-window management. If the sub windows (the velocity lane/pattern lane/automation lanes) all moved and scaled together, when you adjusted the dividing bar between them and the editor.
I find it really frustrating that when I stretch the bottom window to get at the automation lanes, that the velocity lane gets squashed. If all these windows were grouped then when i needed to make them bigger, only the editor window would shrink thus improving work-flow, and removing the necessity to rearrange this window.

8) Time in minutes:seconds in the transport bar. I know how to do the math to work out how long my song is by doing things with the bpm and the number of bars in the song, it would however be MUCH easier if you could include this. It would also make working for video/animation /scoring much easier.

Nemi 2007-02-17 10:34

Re: Thoughts on the Editor
BIG nod to all eight suggestions. All of these suggestions would improve workflow no end and probably not that difficult to implement! I've thought of many of these features myself and it's good see others thinking along the same lines...

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