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Ogggy 2007-07-30 07:34

Running through the scales
OMG, I've layed off so long I can't run through the scales on the keys anymore! I could just lay off for however long, and come back, and start practicing again, running through the majors and minors, at least. From all that work as a kid. It was so easy to come back, it was like a "ride the bicycle thing".

Crap. Don't ever stop practicing. At least a little bit.

dawelo1958 2007-07-30 19:38

Practice Practice Practice

Ogggy 2007-07-31 06:34

Re: Practice Practice Practice
Thanks for that. I love those links. It wasn't long ago it was posted a link to those terribly boring and totally drudgery and painful practise runs. It's somewhere around here. Bnangk, bang, crash, stumble,"ouch!"... yeah, somewhere around here...

Ok, I'm just talking about never forgetting the majors and minors at every root. Definitely headphones time when you do those. Everyone hates hearing that endless stuff, and complains "is that all you do?".

Actually, since we've brought it up...I've got a prob. I'm just self taught on this on the keys, and I've got to admit, I've never agreed with the Minor scale (or maybe I just didn't care, and thought it sounded better, or "right", to me). To me, I've always only used and learned the...ummm...I just added the ascending and descending modes, so for example, C min to me is Ab and Bb, not different for up and down. Wait, I see in your link, up is A and B, and down is Ab and Bb. *That* is *not* what I've been taught- ascending is Ab and B, and descending is A and Bb. No, that is not what I've been taught. Andyway, how do you feel about this? How wrong am I to think like this?

And then some other times I just make up scales, know they are probably some scale or another, but don't care. hee hee. I'm a very naughty boy, yes? Like it's really easy to make those middle eastern scales, what sounds right, and know they are called lidian or phonelic or phesecian or something, but my brain's already hurting, so...

Ogggy 2007-07-31 06:40

Re: Practice Practice Practice
Ha! There it is! The Pentatonic Blues! Is that the poor white trash white boy blues scale? Boy, do I know that one.

LLet 'er rrrrippp! Up, down, and sideways! Sliiide through turn one so bad you turn turn one and two into one turn, hammer the tower turn no brakes, gut the horseshoe, nail the wall, and slide into home, homie!

Ogggy 2007-07-31 06:44

Re: Practice Practice Practice
Thanks again, this link really is nice!

Ogggy 2007-07-31 12:11

Re: Practice Practice Practice
: Ha! There it is! The Pentatonic Blues! Is that the poor white trash white boy blues scale? Boy, do I know that one.

That's one I "just made up", but it was so f'n "right", I did it forever, always. But I'm not quite so dumb as to not realise I wasn't alone.

Let's rip!

Yes, squire. How shall we rip, o lord?

With Real Religious Ferver!

Yes, squire..."Bravely brave Sir Robin"....(clop clop, clop clop)

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