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2007-08-08 12:25

matrix pattern sequencer curve cv data
Help please!This is prob stupid but is there anyway to transfer matrix curve cv data to main sequencer so it can be used in an arrangement due to copy pattern to track only works with note cv data

Mesonix 2007-08-09 02:42

Re: matrix pattern sequencer curve cv data
: There's no automatic, click-of-a-button route, unfortunately. You have to manually redraw your curve CV pattern in an automation lane.

But if I may ask, why do you want to copy CV data to the sequencer? After copying note and gate info to the sequencer you can still use the Matrix curve CV to modulate any destination/s you like.

2007-08-09 11:24

Re: matrix pattern sequencer curve cv data
Sure i dont mind ya asking ive only had reason a few weeks any pattern i create with matrixs note cv sounds flat and dull regardless of any effects or tweaking i do but the same pattern with curve data it sounds bright and viberant and im sure theres plenty of ways and little tricks to get around such problems which i just havent figured out so any tips advice or any useful info i can get id be more than grateful.

Mesonix 2007-08-09 13:50

Re: matrix pattern sequencer curve cv data
Okay, I think this example will answer your question. Say you've got a Malstrom being controlled by a Matrix, with the Matrix curve CV controlling filter A on the Malstrom (in the "modulation input" section on the back of the Malstrom, plug the Matrix curve CV into the Malstrom filter-in CV, and switch the "A/B" switch to A.) You draw a curve on the Matrix and the filter frequency follows that curve. I guess this is what you've been doing so far.

You can also control the filter frequency (and lots of other things, but let's keep it simple) by drawing a pattern on the sequencer, instead of in the Matrix curve screen. To do this, on the front of the Malstrom right-click on the "freq" knob in the "filter A" section. You'll get a little pop-up menu, and the first option is "edit automation". Select this and you'll see that on the sequencer a blue lane has appeared, called "Filter A Freq". Now you just draw in patterns in this lane to your heart's content. A green box should appear around the control that you've just automated, and when you play back the song the patterns you drew will be played back as well. This way allows you more freedom than using the Matrix curve CV, because its easier to create longer, free-er modulations.

Ogggy 2007-08-10 02:55

Re: matrix pattern sequencer curve cv data
Ugo, boyee! Way to cure that "my cv sounds flat and dull and lifeless". I get that all the time! Poor little cv darlings, can't get no respect, got no good home. Somebody buildem a dog house, already. cv's need that "warmth" (and love), too. Ha, that'll be the next bug. Let's see you pin THat one down! If you invert it, swap the phase 180 degrees, then Spiderly plug them into the 'ol trusty cv oscilloscope, they should cancel, right?!? If not, thar'll be hell to pay!!!

But no foolin, Chunky, as much as I like the Matryx, he be tellin ya some good poo. He done ya right, with some good advice. cv is fun on the run, but not for everything.

2007-08-10 10:20

Re: matrix pattern sequencer curve cv data
Actually i have a subtractor as my tone generator routed through a 2 band equalizer then through a vocoder,and the matrix pattern i created was in curve data and the matrixs curve is wired to the subtractors cv and its gate cv to the subtractors gate cv so the matrix is fully controlling the tone generator and i wanted to incorporate the pattern in to the track im creating and thats where im stuck because you cant copy pattern to track if that makes sense

Mesonix 2007-08-10 10:29

Re: matrix pattern sequencer curve cv data
The Malstrom was just an example. You can do the same for the Subtractor, but like I say, unfortunately there's no automatic way to copy CV data to track, you have to select "edit automation" and redraw your CV curve in the sequencer by hand.

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