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ACrIkeD 2007-10-08 23:11

ReDrum Features
Generally I think ReDrum is a great part of the Reason software, but some features of it doesn't exactly qualify to me quite that well.

[Editing Steps]

The buttons [Prev 16] and [Next 16] in the step editor would help me to edit patterns that are 64 steps long faster than a vertical slide switch. The vertical slide switch is quite annoying to use while trying to edit steps fast.

[Editing Patterns]

Same as above, having [Prev Pat.] and [Next Pat.] buttons next to step edit buttons would help me to switch to patterns faster. This would make the live performance fast and easy.

[Channel 1, 2 and 10]

The snap is quite good while making the kick snaps harder. The problem with this snap is that the tune of the snappiness does not go along with the pitch of the sample that is played.
This is why Channel 1, 2 and 10 needs a tuning knob for snap pitch also. This would actually make the channels usefull while using DEEP and SNAPPY KICKS.
( Right now I am using a sampler linked to ReDrum to overcome with this problem. ) ReDrum simply does not fit for real deep kicks without snap pitch knob.

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