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MIDI Latency

I am new user with couple of months experience in Reason. ( over 10 yrs exp with audio and MIDI)
I manage quite good any audio latency problems including Neptune etc.

Today I discovered another type of latency that is extremely annoying. I call it MIDI latency and I never thought it was possible.

When triggering MIDI notes from my Oxygen 49 USB keyboard I felt there is a tiny delay between note-on and sound. Audio latency was by accident set to 1024.

I was looking for a solution and I found that Audio latency in prefs has impact on MIDI delay. After setting 128 everything was fine.

But working on a big or even medium project with MIDI and audio is pretty annoying. Sound is terrible because of too tight latency. Setting latency longer I get delay playing software instruments.

This is totally unacceptable.

I don't believe this is happening. No trouble in Logic, Cubase. Audio latency has no impact on MIDI.

I change the soundcard. No effect.

Plz, help!

MacOS SL Reason 6.02, Saffire DSP24, Oxygen49