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Entering edit mode by double clicking should make more sense

After months of getting to know Reason, this is one area (among a few) that still has me scratching my head all the time and frustratedly scrolling around.

It's subtle, but pretty irritating. I apologize if it explains it somewhere in the manual.

When you double click to edit a clip, I wish that Reason would put me in a place that made sense more of the time.

Example - double-clicking on a clip and being greeted with a grid with no notes visible - have to scroll around to find them.

Example - double-clicking on a clip and being absolutely nowhere near the point where you clicked on the clip. Even worse, being situated over another clip which is not even "selected".

I think that it's supposed to put you where you last where in the clip. Sadly I don't think this works half the time, and anyway, I don't remember where I last was in every single track or clip, and often I am jumping around. It would make more sense for it to put you centered at the position you click. It should take the upper and lower bounds of the notes in the clip and scroll vertically to the average vertical position.

On a related note...

The navigator at the bottom should zoom into/from the point where the mouse is when I begin holding the right-button, not the center. Example of issues caused by this - you go to the beginning of the song with the navigator and then try to zoom in. The box shrinks towards its center - but you want it to stay at the beginning of the song. You have to continually adjust and scroll to the left. This is not the only case but I think in general it would make much more sense to have it grow and shrink centered at the origin defined by the position of the mouse when yo start to right-click-drag.

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