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More "Real" Instrument Refills

I would love to see more high quality multi-sampled refills of acoustic instruments and of things we dont have. Orchestral refills, Guitars, Ethic instruments, etc, etc. Good film scoring stuff. I believe we have enough Synth refills (until we get a new synth) and enough drum refills (unless its something like NI Damage or East West Storm Drum2). The props refills that are multisampled like soul school or the more recent ALt Drums sound great, so why not apply that method to other instruments. Alot of third party developers are not going to make these products as refills so I think this is going to be up to the Prop team to develop it or outsource it. Plugins like these are expensive but they sound amazing. If the Props team charged 200-300 dollars for an awesome refill for Reason i would buy it.
If you havent checked out EastWest i highly recommend it. all of their instrument libraries sound amazing and would love that kind of realism in our Reason rack and workflow.