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Originally Posted by lembeck1 View Post
Most users are simply not interested: they want synths, they want to be the next Shrillex. It's not through lack of trying. I've got the Guitars Vol.2 pretty much in the bag: another single guitar, over 5GB over samples, but having tested the waters with the considerably more lightweight Stratocaster ReFill, hardly anyone bought it for £30. I'm not saying PerfStrat is as good as what Props might release, given the facilities available to them, but it's 100 times better than any other straight-up guitar ReFill, and I've bought 'em all.

That's why third party makers don't do more of that kind of stuff: it takes months of work, and they just don't sell in the kind of numbers to justify it.

The Reason market just isn't there for this kind of material. Props have tried it with RDK, REB, RPi and ARK, but I get the distinct impression (from the removal of ARK from that lineup), that sales just ain't there to justify them spending the £20-30,000 minimum it would likely cost to produce a multi-sampled guitar ReFill, you'd be looking at £200 per guitar. And believe me, the 5GB I've got here on vol.2 is still really only scratching the surface, and was a solid month of sampling alone. I'm not convinced it's really worth the effort.
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