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Originally Posted by jlgrimes View Post
I think more urban producers would cater to the following:

1. Guitars (Acoustic and Electric, with emphasis in cool articulations, slides, wah effects)
2. Orchestral (Emphasis in articulations, pitch runs, hits, stabs, crescendos, Timpani rolls,full ensembles)
3. Brass (full ensembles, stabs, crescendos, hits)
4. Choir (full ensembles, articulations, etc)
5. Organs with Leslie effects
6. World (Chants, shouts, Koto effects, cool percussion)

If done right the top 4 would be huge sellers.
The cool articulations and slides and mostly importantly the actual ability to play them live are the main feature of the Performance Guitar for Reason Series: it was "done right" but the truth is sales are just not there.

The problem for 3rd Party ReFill-makers, is that a) Reason users don't like paying much for ReFills, and b) most of the sales are via the PropShop, with the 50% hit. Producing the kind of ReFills you're suggesting (and I too would love to see a great hypersampled Brass 'Fill natively in Reason) are huuuugely expensive. Studios are not cheap.

If there was a Reason market, I'm pretty sure the license for Abbey Road Keyboards would have been extended. But actually it was passed to someone else: the cost to Props to renew the license couldn't be justified. And that's bonkers, it was the best ReFill product they've released imo.

As I said, people ask for the stuff, but when 3rd Party guys (and we do talk to each other in private, we've all got the same issues ) take the time and effort and expense to produce the stuff , buyers don't wanna know. So given that, do I invest another £1,000 doing a third product in the series?
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