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Originally Posted by Anomecron View Post
The beauty of a convolution device is the fact that it could do way more than simple IR reverbs and simulate a whole heap of other gear besides ...... I'd love a Convolution based effects device but they need to rectify the internal delay compensation issues on things like Neptune and B512 first IMHO these devices should all be auto delay compensated as they are native effects.
That's a great point, and +1 here. In fact, it's going on the List.

What's worth adding is of course there would need to be a way to turn off auto latency compensation on those devices - particularly Neptune, as the likelihood is most of us have already nudged our audio tracks back to manual compensate. It's probably better to do it on a per-device basis (i.e., a compensation switch on the rear) rather than a just global tick in pref (we'd need that as well, so we could set the default "create device" mode to On, but manually switch it off per device when loading existing projects).
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