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Originally Posted by fizbin View Post
As you know, guitar is incredibly difficult to sample properly and equally difficult to program convincingly.

NN-XT, without keyswitching, really isn't cut out for it IMO. To be fair, I haven't heard yours. I'm a guitar player so not likely to go there. (good luck though)
PerfStrat and the upcoming volume 2 feature quite extensive key-switching, but of course this is Thor-based, and limited to only two switches per Thor, and then limited to only 4 actual switches (using Thor CV in and assuming you want to use the Combi programming knobs - you can have 8 keyswitches if you didn't use those, but that severly limits the users adjustment options).

The next sample player does need native keyswitching, and far more versatile options, esp a proper pre-envelope release mode. And the ability to name outputs, rather than being forced to route through, say, a spider, just to get a usuable label on your mixer.
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