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Originally Posted by jlgrimes View Post

And another thing is that I never heard about the Reason Strat refill untill Jiggery Pokery mentioned it.

How will I now to buy something if I don't know it is out there?

I know the Props do a pretty good job of showing all of the 3rd party commercial refills, but sometimes even sorting through them, you have a hard time knowing whats out there.

And yes if you have a high priced refill (over $200), people will want a demo of some of the patches (one of which should be good enough to convince someone to buy it).

The market is out there and hopefully by Props going the dongle route, that might curb some of the piraters from using Reason which might also equate to less Refill piracy.
a lot of truth here too. A lot of refills that I have I got because I heard about them on the PUF and only on the PUF. A lot of these refills are good ideas and if people branched out to more unknown places and start marketing towards more mainstream audiences their sales should improve. I don't believe that most Reason users come to this forum at all.