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Electronic track with vocals: Transbay Tube

I commute on one of San Francisco's subway systems, called Bay Area Rapid Transit or BART, every day to get from my apartment in San Francisco to my job in Berkeley and back. The cities are on opposite sides of the San Francisco Bay, so the train goes under the bay in a tube. At the time it was built it was the longest underwater train tube in the world. It's called the Transbay Tube, and I wrote the chorus of this song riding through it. Hope you like the song!

If you do like it, download the free album at http://somedesperateglory.bandcamp.comThe album is called Redo From Start and it is very synthpop!

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Transbay Tube by Carl Grace

I'm not on the surface
But I'm not underground
Encased in concrete
With a deafening sound

I'd like to talk
But I can't answer the phone
Surrounded by people
I feel so alone

Between you and me
The Transbay Tube
First I must get through
The Transbay Tube

5 atmospheres of pressure
Outside it's pitch black
But I don't worry
I just sit back

It could be night
It could be day
I will wait here
And let the iPod play
New Pacific Deep track, Expire. Album out soon!

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