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Bring back a style of composing and editing from Reason 3!

When Reason 3 went to Reason 4, quite a few things changed, mainly for the better. One thing I really miss from old reason was the way it handled automation. Sure you have more control over it now, but you used to just click in the vel/vol/whatever panel at the bottom, and it would put a bar up to your cursor. There was no line tool, there was no real precision to it, however it was quicker to mess with and jarble up really fast. Does anyone remember what I am talking about? It was the pre reason 4 way of automation, a blue box that you plotted points into.

What I really liked about that system was the ease yo could mangle an automation up, where it would automate very sharply very quickly, going from parameter 10 on 1 beat and jumping to parameter 127 on the next, required 2 mouse clicks. To achieve the same thing now, I have to click 4 plot points. (Beginning beat 1 set parameter to 10, end of beat 1 set to 10, beginning of beat 2 set to 127, end of beat 2 set to 127)

The further I type the more I realize just how much of a pita it is to describe this...

If anyone gets what I am trying to say, I don't want to regress the sequencer to the old system, just have the ability to use it. I know I could use matrix but ehh...