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My back catalogue on Soundcloud


I finally took the (very small) plunge and decided to upgrade my Soundcloud account from a free account to a lite account. That was probably a mistake because I've now come to realise that I'm probably going to run out of my 4 hours of musical storage in about a day. Whoops.

One of the main reasons for doing so was so that I could replace my ugly Bandcamp widgets on my page with some much, much, much nicer looking Soundcloud ones. I know, a bit of a rubbish reason but it looks SO MUCH BETTER.

I've spent a good chunk of today uploading most of my back catalogue to Soundcloud, so if anyone fancies saying hello or listening to my (predominantly Reason-based) output and leaving me dirty messages in the comments section then go for it!

You can find me here...

...and, because this is the *music* section of the Props forum, here's a little SC widget with some music in it - namely my second album, "Lightfields".

Loading SoundCloud…

Cheers all!