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Best controller for Reason's SSL mixer emulation or how I've grown to miss Reason.

Hyio! I'm (sort of) back.

I sold my Reason & Record license some time ago and went the Ableton Live route, but I've come to really miss Reason and it's approach to making music. I was never more inspired and productive than I was when using Reason.

Currently I'm using Ableton Live and an APC20 and in home-studio situations I use the controller mostly (if not exclusively) as a mixing board. I'm wondering if the APC20 can be used in any convenient manner (without scripts, modding, hacking and other shenanigans) to control Reason's SSL mixer?

If not, what is the best midi controller for this purpose under €200/$260. I am mainly looking to be able to control mixer faders, and all those other knobs (EQ, dynamix, send etc)

I have my eye on the Novation Remote Zero SL mkII and while it is a bit out of my price range I think I could be able to get it, however I have grown very VERY annoyed and frustrated with automap (I also own an Novation Nocturn which I'm selling next week - good fucking riddance). So I would ideally like to avoid automap for ever and ever until I draw my last breath.

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