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Counting and setting steps for redrum, loop is out of sync with start of step sequenc

I am wondering if anyone knows a good method when using redrum to line the first lit step up with the first beat in the loop,

currently when I use redrum, I set the loop in the sequencer to the start of the bar, till the end of the same bar

Then go to redrum, the problem is that even when I am sure I have set the steps right the step led that lights up when the loop starts is always at the end of my first run patter i.e. 1 to 16 I am looking at the right screen I would have assumed that the start of the loop would sync with the step sequencer so that the red light above the first step lights up identically in sync with the start of the loop

It is confusing to have the loop start on no. 13 step when the loop starts and finish at no 12

How do you sync the start of the loop with the first step in redrum,

I have tried everyting the only thing I can think of is that I am not setting the steps right?

Anyone have any ideas on an easy method to sync redrum cycle with the loop